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At the beginning of April, LinkedIn began rolling out a brand new feature: LinkedIn Mentions. Similar to Facebook’s tagging feature, you can use LinkedIn Mentions to start conversations, share knowledge with your connections, and engage with other users.  

LinkedIn members are some of the most active and engaged professionals online, and millions of conversations are started and shared on LinkedIn every day. With LinkedIn mentions, it will be even easier to start conversations and keep them going.

So, how exactly does LinkedIn Mentions work?

  • Start by typing the name of one of your LinkedIn connections or a company in the comment field or in your status update box.
  • A list of name suggestions will then be generated, and simply select someone from the drop-down list, complete your update or comment, and post it.
  • Once you complete this action, the person or company you mentioned will receive a notification letting them know that they have been mentioned in your post.

This new feature will make it even easier to start meaningful conversations with your contacts, while also enabling you to respond in real-time when someone starts a new conversation with you.

Click through the slideshow below to see how LinkedIn Mentions works:


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