Reputation Management Analytics: The Respage Difference


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For the past two months, we’ve studied every social media comment and mention for clients that use our moderation services. That’s over 3,500 comments, and they’ve taught us a few things.

First, preliminary numbers confirm that social media isn’t a big source of leads, with them making up only 3.6% of comments and mentions. But here’s the good news: for the multifamily industry, social media pages function as bustling customer service portals, with 38% of comments being general service inquiries and 9% maintenance requests.

Interestingly, only 13.6% of all social media mentions were positive/negative comments or reviews (7.6% positive, 6% negative), suggesting that for the multifamily audience, social media engagement is mostly transactional.

How do we know? Since no other reputation management tools give this level of detail, we devised a unique method of hand-scoring all social media comments and mentions. Every interaction is checked against a list of 11 post types, giving Respage customers the most meaningful and accurate social media analytics in the industry.

With Respage, you don’t just know what customers think of you — you know how social media is working for you. Want to learn more? Ask us.


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