Facebook’s New Ad Guidelines: The Full Story


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Facebook’s new ad guidelines don’t contain any drastic changes. They essentially clarify what’s been there all along.

The biggest change allows brick-and-mortar casinos, legal gaming establishments and state/national lottery commissions to advertise on the site. Of course they must follow applicable laws and rules, and the ads must target age-appropriate users. Online gaming still can’t be advertised in the US, but with prior approval Facebook may post these ads in other countries.

The new guidelines also clarify matters for the drug and dietary supplement industries. Ads for prescription drugs and online pharmacies are still banned, but legal, unregulated dietary supplements are allowed. Naturally these ads are still subject to applicable laws and site rules.

Facebook’s Help Center is also more helpful to advertisers. It now contains examples of acceptable and unacceptable ads, along with detailed explanations of each. Restrictions previously located in the ad guidelines are now integrated into the Help Center, but just to be safe, check both before writing your ad.


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