What Apartment Communities Should Share on Social Media During COVID-19


Posting frequently on social media is not only a great way to build a sense of belonging among your apartment community members, it can also help to boost your overall visibility online. 

But with millions of Americans staying home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the content you would normally share might not work right now. 

If you need ideas on how to keep your residents engaged during this time, read on for some guidance that may be able to help.

DO share content related to home organizing.

People are taking on projects that they’ve put off, and that includes decluttering and organizing. From the best way to display your books to how to tackle that dreaded kitchen junk drawer, articles related to tidying up are abundant and can come in handy right now.

DO post articles about cooking.

Running out to the store or ordering takeout isn’t an option for many people at the moment. They’re looking for things to prepare that include shelf-stable kitchen staples, like dried beans, rice, frozen veggies and canned goods. With grocery deliveries taking much longer than usual to arrive, it’s important to know how to prepare meals with what you have on hand.

DO share DIY content.

Apartment residents might not be able to install new countertops or flooring, but there is plenty of content about rental-friendly DIY projects that you can post about. From creating a gallery wall using Command hooks to changing the look of a room with removable wallpaper, DIY projects can help residents feel they’re in control of their living spaces when so much of what’s happening in the outside world is beyond our control.

DO post about how to navigate working from home with kids.

Many Americans have turned their homes into remote offices, and those with kids are finding it tricky to balance the responsibilities of parenting, teaching and working. Content around this topic might help; even the acknowledgement of what some of your residents might be going through right now could help them feel less alone.

This is a tricky time, so be mindful about posting social media content that might be considered tone deaf or insensitive. Here’s what to avoid posting to your apartment social media channels.

DON’T pretend everything is normal.

Ignoring a global pandemic won’t make it go away. The content you would normally share might not land well at the moment. Before posting an article about hosting dinner parties in an apartment or how to score some great summer travel deals, ask yourself if this is what your residents want to be reading right now.

DON’T post COVID-19 memes.

As the virus spreads, these will become less and less funny over time. You might have residents who’ve lost their income or lost loved ones, or they might just simply be anxious and afraid. While humor can definitely help at times, it would be more appropriate to share it with close friends and family rather than your residents.

How Respage is Helping

We’re here to assist our clients in navigating their apartment social media content during this pandemic. Every Monday, we’re sending our clients an email with suggested posts relevant to residents during this time. Each email has three suggestions to choose from, and the one that’s picked will be posted through the Respage Dashboard. 

If you need a hand in how to approach apartment social media posting in light of COVID-19, contact Respage.


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