An Apartment Chatbot Might Be What Your Community Needs Right Now


Email spam filters.  Facebook’s friend suggestions. Online shopping recommendations.

These enhancements in technology have become such a part of our everyday lives that we might not even realize that they’re all examples of artificial intelligence. 

Industries across the board — including multifamily — are using AI when it comes to customer service, particularly chatbots. And, with so many people staying home and practicing social distancing, it’s crucial to have a system in place so your community doesn’t miss a beat.

In fact, chatbots are currently being added to health system websites in cities around the U.S. to triage possible COVID-19 patients. Chatbots engage with people about their symptoms, travel history and possible exposure to determine the risk level for infection.

While apartment chatbots have been primarily used to communicate with prospects, communities can also use this technology to share accurate, consistent messaging to residents regarding COVID-19.  

Chatbots are stepping in and proving their value during this uncertain time, and they’re poised to become even more important and prevalent than ever as a result. Here’s a rundown of just some of the ways an apartment chatbot can help property managers, leasing agents and multifamily marketing pros.

AI can help you communicate with residents

Apartment chatbots have been mainly used to provide information to prospects, but Respage is now helping communities to deploy their chatbots to communicate with a different audience: residents. A new feature has been added that allows property managers to share COVID-19 messaging on their website via the chatbot. 

With so much conflicting information floating around online, this permits communities to keep residents up to date on any new policies that are in place due to the outbreak. 

AI can transform the customer experience 

Unlike humans, chatbots are always available. Consider this: The majority of searches for “apartments for rent” occur outside the usual business hours, an analysis of Google trends shows. Apartment chatbots can answer questions from prospects and schedule tours while human leasing agents are sleeping or out of the office.

Not only that, chatbots remember. If a prospect returns with more questions, an apartment chatbot can recall the prior conversation, allowing the exchange to proceed seamlessly.

Chatbots also make it possible for prospects to get the information they need without having to pick up the phone — something nobody really wants to do anymore.

AI is here to help humans, not replace them

Prospective renters aren’t the only winners when it comes to apartment chatbots. While a bot can’t replace a human leasing agent, it could greatly free up their time.

While the chatbot is answering prospects’ questions and scheduling tours, leasing agents and property managers can spend their time focusing on more complex customer demands and interactions that require human-to-human communication.

For example, if a resident has an immediate need, the staffer can address it right away because they’ll be spending less time communicating with prospects over the phone or via email.

AI also provides valuable data that can allow leasing agents to follow up with prospects. By reviewing the chatbot transcripts, agents can focus their sales outreach efforts on users who’ve shown an interest in their rental community.


At this moment, the importance of having a virtual way for prospects to communicate with an apartment community is clear. And in the coming days, weeks, months and beyond, chatbots will further prove their worth. Contact Respage to learn how we can help your apartment community stay successful with help from a chatbot.


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