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Twitter and Facebook Tips and Tricks

Link to your Facebook and Twitter pages from your main website. If you have one Facebook or Twitter account for your property management company, put a link in the header of every page. Example: Liss Property Group If your community has its own website, use the same type of integration for property-specific Facebook and Twitter pages.

If your property listings are on your corporate website, link to the property’s Facebook/Twitter page from the property-specific page. If your social media program focuses on resident engagement and retention, link from resident pages. Example: Liss Property Group Residents Page

Surprisingly, many website vendors resist adding links. Don’t take no for an answer.

Put Facebook and Twitter links in your email signature. If you can use HTML/images in your signature, that’s great; but think about it, as some users suppress email images. It’s up to you. We have Twitter, Facebook, and blog images that are properly sized and ready for our customers. Email and we’ll send them to you.

Need help setting up an email signature? Here are a few links for some email clients with some instructions on how to handle creating an email signature:

Some of our clients have trouble using HTML in their signatures even when the settings are correct. If this happens to you, ask your IT team for help.

List your Facebook and Twitter pages on brochures, business cards, and other print materials. The full address is best, but you can also direct people to click links on your website.

Add social media information to your move-in package. Remind new residents to fan you when they move in.

Advertise your social media sites in your newsletter. Make sure to highlight the benefits of becoming your fan. If you’re a Respage client, we have text you can use. Just contact us.

Email your current residents. Send an email blast with links to your social media sites. If you’re a Respage client, we have a template for you to use. Just contact us or use this sample email blast template.

Put a sign in your leasing office that reminds prospects and residents to fan you. If you’re a Respage client, we have a sign for you to use. Just contact us.

Get vendors to follow you. This will help you tap into their network of followers. Ask vendor partners to retweet special offers.

Promote a contest on social media. For instance, if you run a Bingo contest at your property, let clients know that you’ll announce results online. For guidelines about contests and sweepstakes, please check out our contest information page. Facebook is constantly updating their rules for running promotions; click here for their most recent guidelines. Respage will post and run a sweepstakes to your Facebook page, and everyone that likes or visits your page can enter to win great prizes. There is no cost for most Respage customers; just let us know you’re interested.


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