Web Accessibility in the Age of COVID-19: Is Your Apartment Website Compliant?

The Internet has been a lifeline for millions of people around the world during COVID-19, including those looking to tour or lease an apartment virtually. But is your apartment website accessible to everyone? Read on to learn why website accessibility is crucial and how to make sure your apartment website is compliant…

Is Your Apartment Website ADA Compliant?

Ensuring that your apartment website is ADA compliant means that everyone, regardless of ability, can access the information on your site. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your website is compliant…

Respage Chatbot + Human Helper: Designed to Assist Each Other

Amazon’s shopping recommendations. Facebook’s image recognition. Google’s predictive searches. These enhancements in technology have become such a part of our everyday lives that we might not even realize that they’re all examples of artificial intelligence. It’s part of our humanity to fear machines that can learn and mimic human behavior. Science fiction books and movies […]

How Human Assisted A.I. Will Transform Multifamily

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] When the Respage Apartment Chatbot debuted nearly two years ago, multifamily professionals had mixed reactions. Some saw the technology as a greatly needed solution to some of their biggest problems. Others saw it as an artificially intelligent competitor designed to automate their bread and butter. So now that we’re years past the […]

The Respage Chatbot: What Is It and Why Do Multifamily Marketers Need It?

Early last week, we officially announced our new Respage Chatbot offering. Fans of our products and services met this announcement with loads of excitement, but they also had loads of questions. This post aims to clear the whats, whys, and whens:    What is Chatbot? The Respage Chatbot is an artificially intelligent leasing agent. We’ve […]

Common On-Site Promotions Will Soon Hurt Your Apartment’s SEO Goals

Google will soon punish websites that feature intrusive intersitionals, according to an announcement published on the company’s official webmaster blog last week. The update – which will go into effect on January 10, 2017 – aims to improve the user experience of mobile search. But for the ill-prepared apartment SEO manager, it may also result […]

Google’s Newest reCAPTCHA Update Simplifies U/X and Enhances A.I.

Taking web security and user-friendly design to even greater heights, Google introduced its newest update to the reCAPTCHA application programming interface (API) on December 3rd, 2014. Many web users will recognize reCAPTCHA as the security feature that prompts an individual to verify that he or she is "not a robot" by interpreting text within a […]

Respage’s Professional Website Templates Save You Time & Money

The word 'template' implies something fixed, a rubber stamp. But Respage Website Templates aren't like that. Our sleek and professional designs are easily customizable, allowing you to quickly change colors, fonts, pictures, labels, menus, and more. Want to integrate blog headlines or add a block for current announcements? That's easy, too. Respage Website Templates offer […]

Meadowbrook Golf Club Website Development Project Incorporates Sister Site Design Elements

Last year, Respage developed ComeHomeToMeadowbrook.com for Lindy Community to promote and provide links to resident services for Meadowbrook Apartments’ prospects and residents. This year, its sister organization, Meadowbrook Golf and Tennis Club, came to us looking for a web presence that felt coordinated, cohesive, and shared branded elements with the first site. By using a […]