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Facebook Ditches Ratings and Reviews: Here’s What That Means for Multifamily Reputation Management

  Yesterday Facebook replaced its Ratings and Reviews with a new “Facebook Recommendations” tool. The news of this update was previously unannounced, and came as quite a shock to those of us in the apartment online reputation management space. To help alleviate concerns about the update and how it may affect your multifamily reputation management strategy, we’re sharing everything we know about the new tool – and what itRead more

Bad apartment reviews? Here's how to fix your online reputation.

Getting Started With Apartment Reputation Management: Monitoring Reviews

If you read enough online reviews, you’ll notice a pattern. When it comes to negative reviews — in which the lowest rating is one star — there are typically a number of them that begin with: “I’d give zero stars if I could.” Consumers check review sites before making relatively minor purchases. Now imagine you’re looking to spend thousands of dollars, move all your belongings, your family, your petsRead more

6 Ways to Connect With Your Renters Through Social Media

When it comes to the multifamily industry, the social media presence of an apartment community really matters to residents. A survey by Multifamily Insiders showed that the community’s social media ranked as the third factor that residents consider when deciding whether or not to renew their lease, behind value and a feeling of community among other residents and staff. So what are the best strategies for a multi-family communityRead more

Move Over Millennials: Generation Z Is About to Hit the Multifamily Market

Thanks to last week’s blog post, you’re now an expert on marketing to the millennial renter. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news? A whole other generation is rising up right on the heels of the millennials: Generation Z — and they expect even more from your marketing team. Technically, Generation Z overlaps with the millennial generation a bit. It’s made up of anyone born in 1995 or laterRead more

Why It’s Crucial to Use Technology to Attract Millennial Renters

Millennials currently hold the title as the largest generation in history—there are 92 million of them. But who, exactly, falls into this category? The term “millenial” encompasses anyone who was born between the year 1980 and 2000. This means they grew up with practically unlimited access to technology and the internet. In fact, many of them don’t remember a time before computers were a household essential. With the millennialRead more

Why You Should Use Custom Landing Pages to Maximize Your Apartment’s PPC Ads

If you’re already using PPC ads as part of your marketing strategy, then you understand their benefits. PPC ads help to drive traffic to your website by popping up only when potential renters search for a specific term—and since you only pay when someone clicks, this type of advertising is cost-effective. But if the page renters land on isn’t compelling, they’ll navigate away in a split second and forgetRead more

How Respage Can Help You With Micro-Moment Apartment Marketing

On any given day, a typical consumer will spend nearly five hours on his smartphone researching, purchasing, browsing. You might think, “Great, five hours to capture their attention with engaging content.” Not so fast. According to the internet gurus at Google, those hours are punctuated with pivotal micro-moments (about 150 of them daily) that determine if and how a renter interacts with your content. Google defines micro-moments as “intent-richRead more


Apartment Reputation Management is Alive and Well: Getting the Most Out of Review Sites in Late 2017

Online reputation management certainly isn’t the newest or sleekest thing in apartment marketing. If you’re like most multifamily professionals, online reviews have played a role in your branding strategy for quite some time. But age is no indicator of strength. We should never doubt the power of a strategy simply because it’s no longer new or exciting. Furthermore, we should never assume that what worked in the past willRead more

How Yelp and Other Review Sites Can Boost a Senior Living Community’s Online Reputation

What takes years to build and seconds to destroy? The answer is your reputation. Most people begin their search for a senior living community on the internet, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your online reputation is a good one. But as a result of online reviews and other information that’s easily available with a few clicks of a mouse, you no longer have complete controlRead more


5 Review Sources Every Senior Living Reputation Manager Should Track

A few years back, any mention of senior living online reputation management would be met with a chuckle. The senior living audience isn’t online, right? Why dedicate any resources to addressing senior living reviews that no prospect will ever read? My, how times have changed. Today’s senior living marketers don’t just know that their prospects are online. They also know online reviews heavily influence the decisions made by theirRead more

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