How AI can improve your apartment community and make it a great place to work


Three leasing agents at an apartment community laughing at a desk around a laptop.

What makes a Multifamily company a great place to work? It could be a workplace that allows employees to grow, has an engaged staff, and makes the well-being of team members a top priority.

Outdated stereotypes of uncaring landlords no longer apply—a career in Multifamily now focuses on building vibrant communities where team members feel valued, supported, and engaged.

The best places to work in Multifamily are companies that invest in team members’ professional and personal growth by providing tools to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Increasingly, this means enlisting the help of artificial intelligence in the leasing process.

In this post, we will take a look at how AI leasing is helping apartment community staffers level up their productivity by working smarter, not harder.

AI makes work more meaningful.

Some fear that the rise of AI will contribute to job loss, but the reality is that these innovations have the potential to create many new jobs, make humans’ work more rewarding and meaningful, and reduce stress. According to a prediction from Gartner, AI will create more jobs than it displaces in the coming years.

Automating the more repetitive tasks can allow leasing agents to focus on higher-level duties that require creativity, innovation, empathy, and complex decision-making. That could mean more personalized customer service, time invested in improving workflows, and other strategic tasks.

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Leasing automation improves prospect experience and accelerates the leasing process.

AI leasing makes an apartment community’s reputation stronger.

Working for a company that has a deservedly great reputation just makes it easier to go to work every day. How does a Multifamily company build an excellent reputation? It makes the leasing process quicker and easier, and one way to accomplish this is by implementing AI leasing assistants.

Prospects that have a positive rental process are more likely to share their experience on review sites and social media, boosting a community’s online reputation. Sixty-four percent of apartment seekers are willing to pay more for a highly rated property, according to the 2019 Renter Insight and Digital Engagement Survey. So, having a strong online reputation has a direct impact on the success of the community and the morale of its employees.

AI contributes to a better work/life balance—especially during the holidays.

Being able to take time off work to spend the holiday season with family is a prized factor at any job, and Multifamily is no different. But given the competitive nature of Multifamily, it can be difficult to actually take any meaningful time off. Communities that use a manual process for following up with prospects might find their staff overwhelmed with emails from prospects about pricing, availability, pet policies, and other common questions.

But, with AI leasing agents handling the initial response, follow-ups, and tour scheduling, human leasing agents can schedule vacations and time off with family without any concerns about prospects falling through the cracks.


In order for an apartment community to elevate its profile and become one of the best places to work in Multifamily, it needs to put its team members first. This means supplying them with tools that can shift the dull and repetitive responsibilities to AI leasing agents, allowing humans to concentrate on more tasks that require a human touch. If you would like to learn more about how our AI leasing tool ResMate can improve your team members’ workflows and morale and reduce stress, contact Respage.


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