Case Study

ResMate + Metropolitan: an AI leasing case study

ResMate answers all incoming leads and improves occupancy
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ResMate answers all incoming leads and improves occupancy

30 Sec

lead response time


reduction in lead-to-lease


lead-to-tour conversion rate

Metropolitan West Chester is a top-rated community in the Philadelphia suburbs. The city maintains a steady population growth and a median age of just 24 years old thanks to a local university—the perfect recipe for apartment prospects. 

Metropolitan was looking to improve their leasing process and results. The onsite team was struggling to follow up with all their leads and get them to schedule tours, as evidenced by a 19% lead-to-tour conversion rate. 

It was clear that a higher level of organization was needed in order to impact results.

Enter ResMate.

Metropolitan set up our AI leasing assistant, ResMate (who they named Katie), to respond to incoming leads, handle email follow-ups, and nurture all prospective renters. In just one month, ResMate delivered incredible results on all levels—customer experience, efficiency, and bottom-line impact.

Overcoming challenges

When implementing ResMate AI leasing assistant, Metropolitan had a few goals in mind:

  1. Increase prospect follow up
  2. Improve lead-to-tour rate
  3. Reduce vacancy loss

Increase prospect follow up: Every single email prospect received an instant reply, and the average response time decreased exponentially to a mere 30 seconds. With over 1,250 conversations automated, over 200 hours of leasing staff time were saved in that month alone. 

Improve lead-to-tour rate: In its first month activated, ResMate cut Metropolitan’s lead-to-lease time in half, and doubled its lead-to-tour conversion rate. 

Reduce vacancy loss: Finally, in just one month, Metropolitan West Chester signed 11 leases and achieved a 10.3x return on their investment with ResMate, just taking into consideration the reduction in vacancy loss. This was a property that relied heavily on Google Ads for lead generation. After deploying ResMate, they were able to turn off their Google Ads and achieve their best results ever.

In just one month ResMate enabled Metropolitan West Chester to overcome operational challenges, enhance their leasing process, and realize substantial financial benefits of using an AI leasing assistant.


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