Multifamily's most comprehensive AI leasing, marketing, & operations platform

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We’re on a mission to simplify leasing

All of your leasing and marketing in one place

Making the switch from point solutions to an all-in-one platform is like having your own personal dream team of talented multifamily specialists who do the heavy lifting for you. With features spanning the entire resident journey, it’ll become your centralized hub for all marketing and AI leasing activities.

Future-proof your AI leasing, marketing & operations

Empower your leasing team with the best of both worlds: AI-driven automation for efficiency and a human handoff option for more complex scenarios. Our AI leasing assistant ResMate automates mundane tasks and busy work (not to mention responds to 100% of prospect inquiries), and analyzes prospect data to provide proactive insights and even creates social media content catered to your community.

Image showing Smart Leasing Platform CRM and the Respage services it includes

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Image showing information about a resident and their resident happiness score

Cross-platform data analysis & insights

Our Smart Leasing Platform CRM can collect data from across the Respage platform to analyze a resident’s journey to predict lease renewal outcomes. With access to resident data including survey responses, amenity usage, reviews, and communications, it can predict whether or not a resident will renew their lease with 78% accuracy.

Customized leasing process

No two property management teams operate the same. Which is why we built our system with the tools to help customize your leasing process to best suit your community and prospects. From the look, feel, and even the name of your AI leasing assistant, to custom responses and follow-up messages, we make sure your marketing feels authentic and catered to your community.

Illustration showing Prospect interests by keyword

Bundle and save with our suite of solutions

Our suite of marketing and AI leasing solutions were built to work together seamlessly to enhance your operations and improve the entire resident lifecycle. The best part? You can buy what you need or save up to 50% on your entire AI leasing and marketing tech stack with our bundles.

All that, and more...

With the Smart Leasing Platform CRM, full-service social media and reputation management, events & amenities scheduler, paid advertising and SEO services, ResMate, and more, Respage is truly the most comprehensive AI leasing, marketing, and operations platform in multifamily. 

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