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We’ve updated the way your post requests are handled to make it easier and less time consuming for you. Just log in to your dashboard to create your post. If you were previously a read-only customer, our team will review and publish as usual. Note: If you have full posting access, you will be able to post directly without review. If you’d like us to review your posts or are unsure if you have posting access, please contact us.

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How to Post via the Dashboard

Posting through our dashboard is super-easy. Once you’re logged in, simply click on the ‘Post’ tab in the top navigation

Next, you’ll see the posting options dropdown. To post to social media (FB, Twitter, G+), click on ‘Post to Social Media‘. If you wish to post to your blog, simply select ‘Post to a Blog’.

This will take you to the new post screen where you can add photos, a video, or a link to your post and share it. To learn more about how to use the posting screen, visit our Knowledge Base for a detailed walk-through or contact

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