How to create an account

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Create an Account on Apartment Review Sites

If you do not have active business accounts with the following review sites, here are the links and instructions to do so. If you do not have an active account with a username and password we will not be able to utilize the Review Response feature for that specific review site.

Go to to register for a Manager login or contact your ApartmentGuide Representative.

Contact your sales representative or email Customer Support at

Renter's Voice

Contact Renter’s Voice at 855-305-RENT (7368) or

Google+ Local

Create an account on Google by going to and clicking Sign In. Then click “create an account”. If you already have an account on Google, sign in.

Go to and click “Get On Google”. Enter the name of your business and address and click enter. If your business appears click the name of your business and follow the steps to verify your business. You will need to verify the business by entering a code received in the mail or by phone. To learn more about verifying your business go to:

Go to, Click “Get Started” to create an account.

Enter your information and click, “Sign Me Up”.


To respond as a business you will need to unlock your business account. Click this link to get started:

If your business is already on Yelp, enter your business name and address then click “Find My Business”. Or go to your business page on Yelp and click “Claim this business”.

Fill in the information to create an account and follow the steps listed to claim your business.

Make sure you add a picture to the account or we will not be able to respond to messages.

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