Claim Your Custom URL on Google+

Google+ now offers custom URLs. If you've had a page (with profile picture) for at least 30 days and have at least 10 followers, a custom Google+ URL is probably available to you. Click here for more information.

Respage Now Incorporates Google+

Respage's reach keeps growing. We can now publish to your Google+ Business Pages. Just $20 extra per month gives your business a strong Google+ presence, complete with comment moderation. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ — Respage helps you harness the power of social media without the time commitment. Ask us for more information.

Google Wants You to Sell Socks

Or shoes. Or paint. Or nail clippers. From November 11, Google will include user photos next to product reviews. Did you give nail clippers one star on Google+? Love Kanye West on YouTube? Google now has the right to include your profile photo in search results. They’re betting that if Grandma is on the fence […]

Google+ Is More Than a Social Network

Google+ first arrived in June 2011, and for the last two years, Google has been saying that the platform is more than just a social network. Last month, Google took even more strides to further prove that Google+ is not merely a response to Facebook or Twitter when they introduced an array of new features. […]

Don’t Want Google+? Think Again

Not a Google+ user? You may want to check on that. Google aims to expand and monetize its social network by tying Google+ to all Google accounts. That means that when you sign up for Gmail, YouTube and other Google services, you automatically receive a Google+ that will show up in search results. The move […]