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Engage your residents & create community advocates

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your happiest residents

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Build relationships
with your community

What advantage do you get with Respage Surveys & Star Ratings?

  • Know resident feedback 100% of the time with the most robust resident survey offering available in Multifamily
  • Request apartment reviews to your most needed sites
  • Boost your apartment reputation on Google
  • Build resident snapshots from key indicators throughout the renter life cycle


All Automated. All Unlimited. 

Do you know who your happiest and unhappiest residents are?

What if you could leverage this information resulting in improved overall apartment star ratings? And what if this could all be automated?

Distinctive Features of the Respage Resident Surveys & Star Ratings Platform:

Resident Surveys
  • Automated surveys based on key triggers
  • Fully customizable triggers
  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Surveys automatically connect to residents
  • Comprehensive reporting, exportable reports

Resident Review Requests

  • Automated review requests
  • Resident Snapshots evolve throughout the renter life cycle
  • Requests are for the review sites you need the most
  • Unlimited number of review requests

Review Booster

  • Interacts with residents through AI-driven technology
  • Automated requests for Google reviews
  • Residents are pushed to Google to take action
  • Three levels offered: aggressive, moderate & passive

Resident Announcements

  • Automated announcements to communicate with your residents seamlessly
  • Inform residents about important dates & events
  • Reach out to residents on special occasions such as birthdays

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