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ResMate™ AI Leasing Agent

Automate Lead Nurturing, Convert More Leads Into Leases

Never miss a prospect

Book & complete more tours

Improve lead conversion rates

Shorten lead-to-lease time

Introducing ResMate

ResMate™ is an AI leasing agent that accelerates and improves leasing results by answering all your leasing emails and automating follow-up. Sign up for a free pilot of our AI leasing assistant.

What advantage do you get with ResMate?

  • Automates End-to-End Lead Nurturing
    ResMate automatically follows up with apartment prospects at every step of the leasing journey, from first contact to application. It answers prospect questions, schedules tours, and follows up throughout the process, responding in real time.

  • Improves Accuracy, Consistency & Response Times
    ResMate uses Natural Language Processing for accuracy with understanding and answering questions. Quicker responses and greater response consistency are achieved through a single automated agent.

  • Knows When It Needs Human Help
    ResMate is smart but knows its limitations. When it gets stuck, or if the apartment prospect requests a human, it seamlessly transfers the conversation to your leasing team.

Why Use Respage?

Results You Can Expect:

  • No missed prospects
  • Faster response times
  • More booked & completed tours
  • Improved apartment lead conversion rates
  • Shorter lead-to-lease time
  • Time savings for leasing agents
  • Better prospect experience

Distinctive Features of ResMate Smart Leasing Agent:

  • Easy to Implement & No Training Required: Comes with everything required to start using immediately, including content, templates & a pre-installed follow-up schedule

  • Customizable: Persona, content, templates, follow-up schedule, tagging & tour scheduler are all customizable

  • Built on Years of NLP Training: An extension of the Respage Chatbot, the industry’s first AI chatbot – built by Multifamily experts & trained on millions of conversations

  • Best in the Business Customer Support: Personal & hands-on change management support is available for your teams

Case Study

Metropolitan Management

“Katie (our ResMate AI leasing assistant) made getting through this leasing season manageable.  Not only are we 97% leased for the first time in years, we were able to turn off our Google advertising! Using ResMate has been a real game changer for us.”  

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