Case Study

Apartment Social Advertising

Building a Big Brand Presence With a Small Budget

Our Customer

One of the largest property management companies, presented with the challenge of building brand awareness for a new construction on Long Island.


A beautiful newly constructed building, with easy access to NYC and beautiful beaches…what could be so hard about that? Well, it turns out the area isn’t really known for rentals. So getting in front of the right renters to let them know it even exists is a real challenge.

So, How do we reach renters looking for upscale amenities in a high price market without spending thousands a month on traditional advertising? Google Adwords won’t work because renters aren’t showing intent for this location and non-targeted searches in all the surrounding LI towns would cost a small fortune.

“By using interest-based targeting, our customer was able to reach thousands of qualified, unique renters. All with a spend of only $500 per month.”


We suggested apartment social advertising as a way to get their brand (and property) in front of prospective renters across a wide, but targeted region.

In order to do this, Respage developed a campaign using Facebook’s powerful audience targeting options. By choosing to serve ads only to those who fit a very detailed interest and demographic profile, we were able to serve up a refined audience that would likely be a great match for the community.

We proposed we could accomplish this, with a budget of only $500/mo.


When measuring awareness results, we often turn to a few key metrics. Most notably, we place a large emphasis on the ‘Reach’ (or visibility) of a campaign to prove it’s effectiveness. This specific campaign was able to reach over 50,000 unique people monthly with total impressions over 60,000.

Of those reached, we were able to see that about 40% were in the 25-34-year-old age group. Proving that not only were we reaching a large number of prospects, but a highly coveted millennial segment that can be elusive in more traditional advertising.

As another indicator of awareness, we want to know how the campaign was resonating with our audience. For this, we look at engagement & click data. With over 2,000 clicks to the property website and an impressive click-through rate of over 3.3%, we can be confident that the audience is not only noticing the ads, but also engaging with the brand at a cost of only $0.25 per click.

Lastly, looking at the ad placement shows us exactly where the audience was engaging. Unique to this campaign, we saw Instagram account for 44% of results with Facebook accounting for 56% of clicks. The majority (over 90%) of clicks took place on mobile devices.

To summarize the results: With only $500/month, this property was able to reach over 50,000 targeted users in an engaging mobile-friendly way. Those users responded with over 2,000 clicks to the property website, 27 post likes on ads and a 25% increase in total page likes since campaign launch.

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