Case Study

SEO For Apartments

How Organic Search Dominance Led to 100% Occupancy

Our Customer

A luxury apartment community in the ultra-competitive Boston area.


This property came to us as a lease-up focusing all their efforts on ILS listings and paid search, but was also thinking long-term. They wanted their newly-created website, for their newly-created property, to be a stand-alone lead generator. With no existing presence or digital footprint, this was much easier said than done.

“Focusing on SEO has helped us reduce our dependency on Internet Listing Services because we now appear above them for many of our targeted keyword searches.”


Respage knew this would be difficult. But with a plan that focused on modern  multifamily SEO best practices and a long-term content strategy, we were completely confident that we could help our client achieve their goals.

The first step in the process involved optimizing title tags, content, and meta information on the client’s property website. After we completed these initial edits, we implemented a content strategy that focused on creating high-quality, custom content. And because we used the power of big-data to research topic ideas for this content, we knew that prospective renters – and search engines – would find it relevant.

Shortly after initiating these actions, the property website’s rankings quickly rose to the first page and continued a steady climb each month. Currently, the website has a total of 18 listings ranking on the 1st page for certain targeted keywords, and five of these keywords are currently ranking at the very 1st position in Google. As a result, occupancy is consistently above 95%, and often reaches 100% for months at a time, with no shortage of prospects on the waiting list.

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