Leasing Automation
White Paper

Leasing automation improves the prospect experience and accelerates the leasing process

Recent advancements in AI have led to the development of solutions that outperform human agents across all leasing metrics. Learn about real-world  applications that AI is already powering outside of the multifamily industry, how AI leasing assistants are being used to eliminate hours of daily leasing tasks, and how technology is automating the leasing process.

Leasing Automation Benefits

Better Customer Service Experience

Learn how using AI makes response time instant and eliminates missed prospects.

Time and Cost Savings

See how AI saves the average leasing team 3 hours a day and has the potential to reduce leasing staff payroll costs.

Improved Leasing Results

Discover how you can maximize lead-to-lease conversions and reduce the time that units sit vacant, resulting in higher occupancy and stronger NOI.