Case Study

Apartment Google Ads

How Paid Search Drove 180 Leads in One Month for Our Customer

Our Customer

A medium-sized property management company with a portfolio spanning several towns, counties, and states.


Managing numerous properties in multiple towns and neighborhoods creates a lot of problems for property management companies. And our client, a management company with properties across the greater Philadelphia suburbs, was experiencing one problem that needed a custom approach. Because vacancy rates varied dramatically across regions, they couldn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Instead, they had to drive traffic to the properties that needed it most.

Over 100 leads per month, going to the right properties at the right time.


In order to meet these unique needs, Respage provided the client with a custom solution that assigned each geography with property-specific and region-specific options. With a click of a button, a campaign could be redirected to drive all traffic to a single property page or to the listing page for all properties. This provided the structure and flexibility to consistently deliver over 100 new leads each month at a lower cost-per-lead than any other source. This custom approach increased traffic to specific properties and continues to keep occupancy above 95 percent across the portfolio.

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