Case Study

Property Management PPC

Getting Big Results With a Small Budget.

Our Customer

A medium-sized property management company competing in big markets with a small PPC budget.


Our customer, a mid-size property management company, came to us with a pretty big problem: They had a limited budget of $300 per month on PPC ads for their Dallas property. Because Dallas is one of the biggest markets in the country, it’s typical to see PPC budgets north of $1000/month, so we knew that we’d have to think outside the box to make this campaign perform up to par.

“By focusing on neighborhood-specific search terms, the campaign outperformed other campaigns with over 3x as much budget for many key metrics”.


With a limited budget, we knew that any major market search terms were out of the question – our budget of about $10/day wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours. Our solution was to focus on neighborhood-level search terms in an effort to limit the volume of impressions and clicks.


With this approach, we were not only able to compete in Dallas with a limited budget, but we also witnessed some amazing results. Notably, we saw a cost-per-click of only $0.60, compared to an average CPC of over $1.00 for the Dallas area. We also recorded a click-through rate of 10%, which is far better than the average CTR of 2% for most PPC campaigns. Currently, the campaign is recording about 500 highly qualified clicks on a budget of only $300 per month, proving that you can still make an impact with PPC advertising with a small budget in a large market.

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