Case Study

Social Advertising

Finding Ideal Renters on $10/day With Facebook & Instagram

Our Customer

A large property management company looking for more ways to drive targeted renters to a renovated property in a trendy neighborhood.


Our customer, a management company with numerous luxury properties across the country, came to us with a common problem: a beautiful property hidden away in a large metropolitan area with lots of competition. The customer was doing all the traditional advertising including ILS placements and PPC. While they were spending a ton to be competitive, finding the right renters who absolutely loved their property wasn’t easy. With a focus on green building, pet-friendliness, and a health-conscious lifestyle, they had a great community to offer, but couldn’t cut through the noise of the competition. We felt there was a better way.

“By using interest-based targeting, our customer was able to reach potential renters that would be a perfect fit for their property. All with a spend of only $10/day.


We suggested social advertising and our apartment Facebook management services as a way to get their brand (and property) in front of prospective renters that would appreciate all that this specific community has to offer and break free from the competition of ‘intent-based’ advertising channels.

In order to do this, Respage developed a campaign using Facebook’s powerful targeting options. By choosing to serve ads only to those who fit a very specific interest profile, they were able to reduce wasteful spend and do something much more than advertise alongside other properties. With this custom audience, they were able to engage and excite prospective renters with beautiful photographs of the property and simple descriptions – all in an environment where the user is looking to explore and interact.


Social Advertising is more of an awareness initiative than a lead generation strategy. As a result, we place a large emphasis on the ‘Reach’ (or visibility) of a campaign. This specific campaign was able to reach over 32,000 unique people in the Atlanta area. Of those 32,000 approximately 5,000 were Instagram users seeing the sponsored posts. In total over 40,000 impressions were served.

Outside of reach & impressions, the ads generated over 500 clicks to the property website, with a cost per click of $0.60 per click. Conversely, PPC campaigns have an average CPC of $1.15 or higher.

Using Google Analytics to track the behavior of those visitors on the website, we saw a bounce rate of only 30% with on-site engagement time of almost 2 minutes. In the first 30 days, we were even able to track 5 direct conversions.

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