Case Study

Apartment Paid Search

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Track signed leases back to leads & know your true ROI

more web leads (3 to 52 in a single month)
increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
average Cost-Per-Lead

The Challenge

This A+ apartment community in a highly-competitive market was struggling to get valuable traffic from digital marketing campaigns. They were spending a considerable amount of money driving low-quality traffic to a site that was not converting well. Their campaign was inefficient and ineffective for the people who were seeing their ads.

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Our Solution

Respage provided the client with a custom solution that focused their campaign on more qualified traffic. We changed bidding and keyword structures to find more relevant searchers by targeting their A+ demographic, causing click-through and conversion rates to skyrocket. We also implemented better conversion tracking to make sure they were attributing leases more accurately. In one year, Respage turned the campaign around with proven ROI to support the change. Occupancy rate jumped from 82% to 98%.


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