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How Data Can be the Key in an Apartment Community’s Success

Multifamily companies that haven’t embraced tech tools when it comes to important areas such as apartment marketing, social media presence, reputation management and digital advertising could find themselves left behind. Here’s a look at how using digital tools can give insights that can help an apartment community thrive in a competitive market…

How to Handle Fake Negative Online Reviews in Multifamily

Property managers and apartment marketing professionals understand the sinking feeling that comes when their apartment community gets hit with a negative online review. What if the negative review is actually fake, written by a competitor or someone who has a beef against your company? Here’s how to navigate that apartment community negative review…

Chatbot for Hire: Why an Apartment Chatbot is Your Ideal Leasing Agent

As more and more industries embrace chatbots, an expectation is created. If a consumer interacts with chatbots across industries like airlines, online retailers and car dealerships, communicating with an apartment chatbot would be a natural, normal part of everyday life. Let’s take a look at some of the attributes that a virtual leasing agent could bring to the table…

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