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Apartment Chatbots: Here to Help, Not to Take Your Job

It’s a scenario that’s been a pop culture fixation and a familiar trope of sci-fi writers: Artificial intelligence has become so advanced that bots overthrow the human race. The reality (at least in 2017, anyway) is that AI — chatbot technology in particular — is a tool that can be used to make our lives easier. Industries across the board are exploring ways to apply it, and customer serviceRead more

The Respage Multifamily Chatbot: An Ultimate Guide

Respage launched the first ever multifamily chatbot in late May of this year. Two months have past since that launch date, and over that short time we’ve deployed the amazing little chatbots on apartment websites across the country. This article not only explains what our multifamily chatbots are and why they’re necessary for today’s renters, it also highlights several success stories to show you real world examples of how prospectsRead more

Facebook Is Placing Major Bets On Chatbot Technology And Multifamily Should Pay Close Attention!

Facebook recently extended its “Click to Messenger” button to Instagram, further signaling the social network’s push towards a universal use of its Messenger app. The move coincides with an industry trend that shows social users increasingly prefer personalized experiences over standard, static pages, and suggests that Facebook foresees a future where online experiences heavily rely on chatbot technology. But before we get into why that is and how multifamilyRead more

Want a 39% Lift in Social Post CTR? Try This Apartment Marketing Tip!

Ever notice how the links you post to social media pull text and images from the linked page? If you’re an apartment marketer, the answer is a definite yes. But you’ve probably also experienced times when social links don’t pull anything at all. This may not seem like a big deal. But the truth is link presentation can make all the difference in your social media exposure. In thisRead more

8 Senior Living Social Media Strategies Proven to Boost Resident Happiness

It’s not unusual for older adults, even those living in senior living communities, to feel isolated. Those lonely feelings can lead to depression and other health concerns, like memory issues. But it doesn’t have to be that way. More and more seniors are becoming tech savvy — in fact, this demographic is embracing social media at a faster rate than any other age group. And, as a result, aRead more


How Yelp and Other Review Sites Can Boost a Senior Living Community’s Online Reputation

What takes years to build and seconds to destroy? The answer is your reputation. Most people begin their search for a senior living community on the internet, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your online reputation is a good one. But as a result of online reviews and other information that’s easily available with a few clicks of a mouse, you no longer have complete controlRead more


5 Review Sources Every Senior Living Reputation Manager Should Track

A few years back, any mention of senior living online reputation management would be met with a chuckle. The senior living audience isn’t online, right? Why dedicate any resources to addressing senior living reviews that no prospect will ever read? My, how times have changed. Today’s senior living marketers don’t just know that their prospects are online. They also know online reviews heavily influence the decisions made by theirRead more


How to Build a Senior Living Social Media Strategy Residents Will Love to Like!

When Facebook launched in 2004, only students at certain universities could join. What a difference a decade makes. In recent years, adults aged 74 and above have become the fastest-growing demographic on social media, according to the Pew Research Center. About 39 million people aged 65 and older use Facebook, Twitter and Skype, with Facebook taking first place. Not only are they using Facebook to keep up with familyRead more

The Senior Living PPC Cheat-Sheet

All great senior housing PPC strategies begin with a great senior housing keyword strategy. With this fact in mind, we put together a quick cheat sheet that identifies the top keywords in the industry. You’ll notice we broke down our list into two separate categories. The first list is intended for assisted living marketing, while the second list is intended for senior living marketing. We’ve provided our reason forRead more


3 Critical Senior Living Website Strategies for Mobile Optimization

It’s no secret that responsive websites are preferred by search engines and Internet users in general. But when older audiences are your primary marketing target, having a responsive website becomes even more important. It’s for this reason we put together these three critical mobile optimization strategies for senior living marketing. Cross the following off your to-do list and watch your website conversions soar! Make Your Text Easy to ReadRead more

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