11 Hilarious Apartment-Related Search Terms We Found in 2016

Each year, our dedicated team of Google-certified specialists analyze thousands of apartment related keywords for our clients’ multifamily PPC campaigns. The goal of this research is to identify which words and phrases rental prospects use when searching for apartments on Google. And while the industry leading Click Through Rates (Client campaigns have an average CTR […]

How to Make Engaging Facebook Videos from Scratch

Posting videos to Facebook is all the rage these days. Videos tend to receive more attention than text, which makes them a sure-fire way to increase engagement with your page. But considering that Facebook users consume nearly 1 billion videos each day, apartment marketers face some pretty tough competition if they want to stand out […]

How to make your own animated GIFs (the easy way)

Bite sized and memorable, GIF videos make for great apartment marketing tools. That’s why we built this quick guide to explain how you can easily make these Internet-favorites for a variety of different purposes. Read on to learn about GIFs that are good for promotion, GIFs that are good for education, and GIFs that are […]

How to Create Apartment Social Media Pages That Renters Actually Enjoy

Finding new content day in and day out can be challenging. But if you want your apartment’s social media pages to engage residents, you need to stay on top of things. Make your job easier by following this 4-step process to finding and posting content your renters actually want to read. Step 1: Consider Who […]

How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Property Websites

Marketing your apartment community online via SEO, PPC, and Paid Social Ads gives you several advantages over traditional advertising routes. But of all these advantages, few compare to the tracking abilities that allow you to see how people visit and interact with your site in full detail. In this guide, we’ll show you how to […]

Infographic: Social Advertising for $10/day

Ever wondered how much bang for your buck you get with Facebook (and Instagram) advertising? We did. Take a look at the infographic below for a quick glance at how Paid Social Advertising for apartment communities is working for other multifamily professionals. Want to give social advertising a try yourself? Contact us today to get […]

Social Advertising Playbook

  Are Facebook and Instagram still relevant? It’s a fair question. After all, Facebook is over a decade old, which might as well be a century when it comes to the Internet. And with new social networks popping up every day, you could be forgiven for thinking that Facebook and Instagram are a thing of […]