What’s New In March?


Month of March 2022 Calendar
For the third month of 2022 we have some stunning product announcements to deliver. Some are features clients requested and have been waiting for. Others are completely new developments. The first…

Automatically Post Listings To Your Google Business Profile (Chatbot + Social)

The vast majority of prospective renters looking for a place to stay are going to check reviews on Google. The first thing that’s going to pop up if they search your property? Your Google Business Profile.

For Respage clients with Chatbot and our Social platform, we’ve upscaled just what you can do with those profiles.

For one thing, you can now post what you’d like straight to your Google Business profile via our platform. Just like you would with any other social media network.

But the really exciting news is that you can set up automatic posts of your lowest-priced listings straight to your page – twice a week. That essentially turns one of your biggest prospect destinations into a portal to get more leasing inquiries.

Currently, this feature is only available with full-service Social Media clients using our chatbot, but we’re working hard on getting it out to ALL Social users soon.

Announce, Schedule, And Manage Your Property Events (Resident Amenity Scheduler)

With things opening back up, it might be a great time to start thinking about property events. A BBQ. A baseball tournament. Bingo night.

Whatever it is, it’ll be a heck of a lot easier to manage with our new Events functionality.

You can now create any event you’d like via Resident Amenity Scheduler, and easily send invitations to your residents. Interested parties can sign-up, modify, or cancel their spots with the free Amenity Scheduler app.

Using an amenity scheduler to register for an upcoming event

Then comes the automation. Respage can automatically send out reminders on set timeframes. You can schedule entire events months in advance on the platform itself while collecting every RSVP into a single list for clarity.

There’s never been an easier way to manage your community events – and it’s now live for all Respage clients with chatbot. And speaking of chatbot…

Respage Now Boasts The Fastest AI Chatbot Around (Chatbot)

Slow website loading speeds are proven to affect visitor retention in a bad way. We wanted to make sure our chatbot was as fast as we could possibly make it.

So after an exhaustive review and optimization effort, we’ve streamlined nearly everything about our chatbot to make it leaner… while keeping its functionality top-notch.

It’s now three times faster. So fast that it is now the quickest loading AI chatbot in the space (we tested it against nearly all of them).

That means you’re not just getting the most intelligent chatbot system, complete with Natural Language Processing (NLP), you’re also making sure the page loads smoothly to minimize visitor drop-off.

Other Changes, Fixes, And Updates

  • You can now select custom date ranges in both Property and Regional Reports.
  • Tour feedback can now be sent to the relevant property for a timely feedback response.

Look Forward To The Rest Of 2022

We’re getting you all of the above upgrades just three months into the year. There are ten to go and we have plans.

As always, we are grateful for your support and partnership.

The Respage Team


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