Display Advertising is a Cost Effective Way to Drive More Apartment Leads


Your renters spend hours a day on the internet presenting you with endless places to advertise to them. Getting the best return on your apartment advertising investment requires a combination of efficient and effective advertising that resonates with your target renter. Careful consideration of what apartment advertising channels to utilize and what budget to allocate to each channel is crucial in getting the results you want. Apartment Display Advertising offers unique advantages not found in other advertising channels and can lead to excellent results when run properly.

What is Apartment Display Advertising?

Display advertising is image or video-based advertising that is often run through the Google Display Network. The Display Network features placements on millions of websites around the internet. Placements within these websites include banner ads, in-article ads, and more. These ads focus on branding and allow for text and image combinations. Google offers a variety of options for creative, including a responsive display ad format that can run thousands of variations to your audience. Apartment display ads offer a unique opportunity to take up considerable ad space on your potential renter’s screen compared to other text-based options such as Google Search ads.

Why Apartment Display Advertising Works

Display ads are some of the most efficient ads on the internet. They allow you to garner thousands of impressions for a fraction of the cost of other apartment advertising channels. As an example, apartment communities spending just $300 can see in excess of an additional 100,000 impressions per month – and that’s a conservative estimate. This quantity of eyes on apartment ads can bolster buzz about the community locally and also strengthen the apartment community’s brand. The performance of display advertising also allows for multiple touchpoints to already interested potential renters. Oftentimes conversion doesn’t happen with the first ad interaction a renter has with your community, so these follow up touchpoints are imperative to driving leads to your apartment website.

When Should you Run Apartment Display Ads?

Respage runs display ads with all of our apartment PPC advertising campaigns. A good rule of thumb is to shift more budget into display campaigns if display performance is strong, if you have a lease-up community, or if the community is in a highly-competitive market. Lease-up communities are great candidates for higher apartment display advertising spend. The elevated impressions will help draw more attention to the new apartment community in the surrounding area. Communities that are in highly-competitive markets can also see added benefits from additional display spend. When high levels of competition exist in an area, cost-per-clicks on Google Search ads can skyrocket. While these clicks have a higher level of intent, sometimes the cost is too high to justify focusing ad spend on apartment paid search. Apartment display ads are a great option in these scenarios, as they avoid the highly-competitive search keywords and allow for exponentially greater traffic numbers to your apartment website.


Apartment display advertising campaigns run very efficiently, driving significantly more traffic to an apartment website for every dollar spent in comparison to most other advertising channels. With display ads, communities have an opportunity to alleviate some of the rise in costs they might be seeing in more expensive markets. Additionally, apartment display advertising offers apartment communities the multiple touch points they usually need to convert potential renters. Finally, all markets can benefit from additional spend on apartment display ads, but it is particularly helpful in more competitive multifamily markets.

Respage includes display advertising in our apartment PPC solution, and we also offer a stand-alone Apartment Display Ads package. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you drive more apartment leads!



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