Apartment Paid Advertising Strategy During The Holiday Season


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After a long 2020, the holiday season has arrived. With it comes changes to work weeks, searching patterns, and renter behavior. Apartment marketers might be thinking: Is it still appropriate to spend money on apartment paid advertising in the months and weeks surrounding Christmas/New Years? Will people still be searching for their next apartment while focusing on holiday festivities?

Respage is here to help you plan and execute your apartment marketing strategy. Read on for important questions to consider and our take on each.

Should I continue to spend on apartment social advertising and apartment paid search advertising?

Regardless of time of year, there will always be a benefit of running active digital apartment advertising. You want to be relevant whenever your potential renters are browsing the internet. The rental process may slow down during the holiday season, but it certainly does not stop. The nature of apartment Google Ads and apartment Facebook ads allows you to spend only when ads are being shown and results are being produced. You will never show apartment ads to an empty audience, however there will be periods of lower search volume that will require lower apartment advertising budgets to get the desired results. It is important to ensure you are not over-bidding or overspending during periods of lower competition. For example, budgeting too high in the holiday season on Facebook could lead to your apartment ads being seen too often by your audience, leading to ad fatigue and diminishing results. Keep an eye on how many times people are seeing your ads and the price you are paying for each click during the up and down holiday seasons.

Should I change my apartment ad copy or targeting for the holiday season?

Testing new, relevant apartment ad copy is never a bad idea. New content to use in ads can be as simple as using seasonal images (pools in the summer, indoor amenities in the winter etc.) or as complex as updating headlines and descriptions to include seasonal flash sales. For example, using Cyber Monday Sale when advertising a current special during the holiday season is a great way to increase engagement. These buzzwords pop off the page when they are next to competitor ads showing the same content they have been for months. Ad copy is always a great way to make your apartment ads stand out and increase engagement.

Targeting during the holiday season can stay the same as the rest of the year. There may be opportunities to find new keywords that are being searched seasonally, but typically these are not directly related to the holidays themselves.

Should I try any new apartment advertising during the holiday season?

Testing new apartment advertising methods during the holiday season can be very effective. Competition is often lower, meaning ad spend can be more efficient, allowing you to quickly see what apartment keywords, ads, and targeting are working best. Some of this data can be deceiving, as early results and results in lower competition periods can be better than typical results.


There are a number of factors to consider when implementing your holiday season apartment advertising strategy. Respage is here to help.

Reach out to us if you are interested in starting any apartment social media or paid search advertising this holiday season!


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