How to Maximize the Value of Your Apartment Marketing Dollars During This Time


We find ourselves in unprecedented times. Much of the world has come to a halt and few industries still operate at or near the level they previously had. However, two things remain constant: apartment communities still need to get in front of renters, and communities must ensure that every lead and interaction counts. Finding sources of quality and consistent apartment leads can be a challenge at any time, and societal issues like the ones we are currently facing make this exponentially more difficult. Therefore, it has become crucial that communities find efficient channels for lead generation and get the most out of every marketing dollar spent. Leases are still expiring and renters are still searching for their next apartment. So how do you get the most out of limited marketing resources to maintain the quantity and quality of leads your apartment communities require? 

Apartment Paid Search Advertising

Advertising is an effective way to directly reach decision-ready prospects and is proving even more effective in these times of uncertainty. Apartment paid search advertising through Google Ads allows you to get in front of potential renters who are actively searching for their next apartment. These paid search campaigns lead to highly-qualified website traffic and leads. They can be relied on month-to-month to generate consistent leads for apartment communities.

Your ads will only show to individuals who are actively looking for apartments in your town or surrounding areas. Campaigns can be targeted based on geographic location, local landmarks, floorplans, amenities, and a number of other methods we know your renters are searching for. This precise targeting ensures that you are only spending apartment advertising dollars on highly-qualified and highly-relevant searchers. Paid search traffic converts into leads at higher rates than almost every other marketing channel, making it the perfect tool for times when efficiency is more important than ever. 

Tracking Leases From Your Apartment Paid Search Advertising

Pushing highly-qualified traffic through paid search ads to your apartment website is a great start, but you need to be sure you are getting the most value you can out of each click you are paying for – you want to see that these clicks lead to more  leases. This is done by ensuring the learning and conversion processes on your apartment website are user-friendly and effective. You are paying for these visitors to your site, so it is critical that you have their questions answered and that you convert them into leads, schedule tours and finally, get new leases. 

While minor adjustments can increase some of your metrics, in order to truly get the most out of each click, larger site overhauls are usually required, including careful analysis of how visitors behave on your apartment website. Since this is not always feasible, Respage has built a powerful and low-cost solution specific to the multifamily industry. Our development team will build you an A.I.-powered, mobile-friendly, paid search landing page that works as a lead conversion and tracking tool. Through this page, you can achieve a higher volume of qualified leads, set appointments and tours, and track signed leases back to leads, showing you true ROI on your apartment ad spend. This is a way to ensure you are getting the most value out of traffic that you are already paying for.


Renters will be turning to the internet now more than ever to conduct their apartment searches. Our new normal will require changes from apartment communities so their website experiences and advertising efforts are educational for the renter and valuable for the community. Focusing on direct apartment advertising channels and decision-ready prospects is the most practical way to ensure your communities get the leads you need. Reach out to Respage for more information on paid search advertising and how our paid search landing page can get you better apartment advertising results.


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