The Hidden Value of Good Apartment Reviews


Cost, location and overall appearance are all factors that prospects consider when choosing a new apartment community. But one of the most powerful factors is apartment reputation. 

How you manage your brand image is crucial to running a successful business, and this is especially true when it comes to Multifamily. This is one of the reasons why apartment reviews are so important.

Online reviews carry more weight than ever before. A 2019 consumer review survey conducted by BrightLocal found that 97% of consumers check online reviews before doing business with a company. 

While the connection between reviews and reputation is obvious, reviews wield more influence over an apartment community’s success than meets the eye. Communities with more reviews are rewarded with more web traffic, which could result in more leases.

Read on to learn how apartment reviews can help you gain more web traffic and, in turn, more foot traffic into your apartment community.

More Reviews Equal a Higher SEO Ranking.

In the past, apartment hunters would rely on a community’s advertising or recommendations from friends and family. Now, they turn to Google. This is because online reviews help prospects make more informed decisions than the opinion of a couple of friends could.

Reviews send a strong signal to search engines that communicates authority and trustworthiness. It’s similar to how Google treats links: When your community receives a link from another relevant business, Google sees that as an endorsement of trust and rewards you with better visibility. 

So when your apartment community receives a review, it’s giving Google a vote of confidence in the legitimacy of your community.

Positive Reviews Carry More Weight.

Apartment communities with better reviews result in more clicks, and more clicks equal better search engine rankings. 

If a high number of users choose your apartment website from the search results, Google takes that as another vote of confidence and will reward your site with improved rankings. Reviews play a major role in clickthrough rates, especially if you’re generating positive apartment reviews on a regular basis. 

Glowing reviews and high ratings naturally attract more clicks, so cement your apartment reputation as a great place to live and you’ll likely see a boost in your rankings. 

The More Review Platforms, the Better.

Search algorithms take into consideration all of the places where reviews are found. So appearing on numerous platforms means your apartment community will be viewed as having more clout, and it will drive better search results.

Not only that, it’s likely that your competitors have a presence on several different review sites, too. Focus on ensuring that you have a solid number of positive apartment reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp as well as Multifamily-specific review sites like and ApartmentRatings, and you should see your apartment community rankings soar.


Having good apartment reviews doesn’t just mean that prospects will look at your community more favorably. Reviews also influence the somewhat opaque operations of search algorithms, meaning more people will find your site, which could lead your community toward long-term success.

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