Why You Need a Multifamily Mobile App


A key element in being a successful property manager or multifamily marketing pro is being responsive to questions, feedback, and your residents’ needs. And given that much of your time is most likely spent on- the-go rather than sitting in front of a computer, you run the risk of overlooking things.

If your productivity suffers, it could lead to a downward spiral that puts a huge dent in your apartment community’s reputation.  

How do you ensure you’re on top of all of the demands on your time and attention? As the saying goes, there’s an app for that.

While some multifamily mobile apps are geared toward residents and may offer functions like submitting maintenance requests and paying rent, there’s a lot to be said about the value in making challenging jobs — property management and apartment marketing — a bit easier to manage.

Here are a few of the benefits of adding a multifamily app, like the one designed by Respage, to your apartment management tool kit:

Receive notifications of activity that requires your immediate attention.

It’s bad enough to get one negative review, but getting blitzed by a slew of negative reviews all on the same hectic afternoon calls for quick action. A mobile app can ping you when this happens so that you can stay on top of your apartment community’s online reputation even when you’re not sitting at your desk. 

Follow up on leads.

Keeping your occupancy high in a competitive market  is one of the most important jobs of a property manager, which means it’s crucial to follow up with every person who contacts your community to ask about leasing. A mobile app can send these leads, along with their contact information, directly to you so you can contact them back as soon as possible.

Drill down on data.

A property manager or apartment marketing guru needs to be well-acquainted with their apartment community’s reputation statistics, and a mobile app can put that data into graphics that are easy to analyze. Skim data like the most-used keywords in your reviews, which review platform is the most active, and what time of day you generally get the most reviews.

Post on social media seamlessly.

Whether your approach to social media is strategic, with posts planned out a week in advance, or it’s more spontaneous, a multifamily app can help. See what’s queued, check out how followers have reacted to your posts, read and respond to comments, and create posts directly from the app.


Having a multifamily mobile app can help you manage your apartment community on the go, allowing you to stay on top of anything that needs your attention while also attending to important business within your community. Contact Respage to learn more!


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