5 Ways Hyperlocal Social Media Can Jumpstart Your Apartment Marketing


It’s natural for marketers to take a “go big or go home” approach to social media marketing, searching for ways to increase their brand’s reach and expand into bigger markets.

But when it comes to apartment marketing, the best path forward is to think small. 

As more and more users consume social media content on their mobile devices, it’s created a shift toward a targeted strategy for brands in the form of relevant, hyper-local social content. 

By its very nature, apartment marketing is about connecting with people in a super-local way because apartment communities are local products. Building relationships with local social media followers by offering useful, authentic content is a sound strategy. Read on to learn how to do just that. 

Serve as a guide to your city.

A great way to offer value to your audience as well as boost your apartment website’s visibility to search engines is to become a trusted resource for those who are looking for things to do nearby. Post regularly about new restaurants, fun events, top recreational activities like the best running trails or great places to photograph your city’s skyline.

Use Facebook Events to promote your lease-ups.

Whether you’re throwing an open house or promoting move-in specials, Facebook Events can help you reach more local apartment leads. You can also consider running locally targeted Facebook ads to get more exposure.

Offer useful content with a local angle.

Everyone wants to save money and do things more efficiently, including apartment dwellers. Sharing content around the theme of apartment living is a great way to add value, and you can localize it in the way you approach your captions. For example, if you’re sharing an article on how to organize the kitchen or complete a small DIY project, suggest a few places nearby where residents can get the supplies they need.

Be authentic.

Decisions about apartment marketing could be happening in offices far from where your community is located, so it’s important not to lose that local, authentic voice. Empower property managers to be the “boots on the ground” who are powering the hyperlocal message. They live close to your apartment community (or they may actually be residents of your community themselves), think of them as a valuable resources in coming up with messaging that will resonate.

Embrace local influencers.

Apartment micro-influencing is an emerging area of social media marketing that brings together old and modern marketing tools, combining the tried-and-true approach of celebrity endorsements with content-driven marketing campaigns. If you have a resident with a substantial social media following, come up with a perk like discounted rent or a free parking spot in exchange for a mention or two per week.

Respage has built a tool that makes it easy for property managers and multifamily marketers to share hyperlocal content to their social media platforms. Our Content Discovery Engine pulls in articles that appeal to apartment residents with a local or lifestyle angle. Talk to our team to learn more.


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