4 Ways an Apartment Chatbot Can Be a Lifesaver During the Holidays


Things tend to slow down around this time of year as the holidays get closer. But no matter how many days off you and your team might be taking to travel or spend time with family, one thing is consistent: People still need to find a place to live.

So how do you meet the demands of apartment prospects while working with limited staffing in the leasing office?

Let an apartment chatbot help!

Chatbots are meant to perform a complementary role by automating certain tasks, allowing their human counterparts to handle other work that could otherwise be compromised. 

Here are four ways an apartment chatbot can be an extra set of hands (virtually speaking) to help you get business done throughout the holiday season.

Chatbots can answer questions.

Managing an apartment community is challenging and hectic, so empowering an apartment chatbot to cheerfully answer questions (often the same questions over and over) can free up time in a leasing agent or property manager’s limited holiday schedule.

Chatbots can schedule apartment tours.

With a chatbot, there is no need to wait until normal business hours to call and schedule an apartment tour. Prospects can communicate with the chatbot at all hours of the day or night to set it up. Not only that, if the prospect has to reschedule their tour, they can go back to the chatbot — which remembers them — and it can override the earlier appointment and schedule a new one. (If you have holiday hours, make sure to let your chatbot know so he schedules appointments around the availability of leasing agents.)

Chatbots can send rental applications.

There are many little tasks associated with converting a prospect into a resident, and the apartment rental application is one of the most important ones. A chatbot can take this duty off the hands of a leasing agent as well as answer any questions your prospect may have about the application.

Chatbots can ensure that your reputation stays intact.

Customer service concerns hover at the top of the list of complaints that prospects have about renting an apartment. During the holidays, when people tend to be stressed, those complaints might find their way into scathing online reviews than can truly damage your bottom line. Chatbots can help you to avoid getting bad reviews by filling those gaps when apartment leasing agents or property managers aren’t available.

The Respage Chatbot is the most robust apartment chatbot available in the multifamily marketplace. With over 400,000 conversations, it is the smartest in the industry. It is easy to install and can be integrated with multiple platforms. Speak to our team to learn more!


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