7 Reasons Why You Should Share Positive Reviews


When your apartment community receives a glowingly positive review, it’s reinforcement that your team is doing something right, so naturally you want to brag a bit. With so much competition in the multifamily space, apartment reviews can play a strong role in the success of your community. Shining a light on what residents love can help tremendously with the bottom line, but that’s not the only benefit. Here are seven reasons why you should share positive apartment reviews. 

Helps Set a Standard for Employees

By sharing positive apartment reviews, you are giving examples of the kind of work that the whole team should be striving toward — especially when the reviews mention customer service. Pay attention to reviews that identify employees by name. This not only puts feathers in the caps of high-performing employees, it could also serve as inspiration for other team members to follow their lead.

Pride for Residents

Spreading the word about the great things people are saying about your apartment community can make your residents feel like they made the right decision in signing a lease with you. It could create a halo effect, in that residents may show additional consideration or patience when they run into issues with their living experience.

User-Generated Content.

When sharing your positive reviews on Facebook, it’s social media content you don’t have to create yourself or pay someone to write. If you’re trying to post a few times a week, sharing a few positive apartment reviews is a quick and powerful way to reinforce your apartment brand. And, reviews are generally filled with relevant keywords, which can help others find your apartment community online.

Creates a Positive Image

When happy residents talk about your apartment community online, a powerful marketing tool called social proof is at work and is a factor in improving your apartment’s online reputation. This means that prospects could form a favorable impression of your community and become motivated to sign a lease because they see that others are enjoying their own living experience.

Boosts Morale Among Employees

Sharing positive apartment reviews tells your employees that you don’t take their hard work for granted and that they’re making meaningful contributions to the success of your apartment community. It could help with employee retention and it could even boost your overall customer service if employees know their efforts are being noticed and are appreciated.

Balances Out Negativity

You can’t please of all the people all of the time, as the saying goes. All apartment communities will get negative reviews. Current residents and prospects are watching how you reply to and act on negative reviews, and they’ll likely remain on the internet for years to come. So leveraging the power of positive apartment reviews can help to stabilize your online reputation.

Encourages Others to Write Apartment Reviews

Seeing what their neighbors have written about your community can encourage other residents to submit their own reviews. And, having more and more apartment reviews organically boosts the visibility of your community and seals your image as a well-established, trustworthy and enjoyable place to live.

Respage has just unveiled a tool that makes it easy for you to share the positive things that people are saying about your community. Review Share is an artificial intelligence-driven platform that pulls your five-star review, overlays it on an image of your property, and creates a ready-to-share image for all your social media sites. Reach out to our team and we’ll get you started!


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