Respage and The REMM Group Have Partnered to Fill a Need in Online Reputation Reporting


When searching for a new place to live, potential renters scrutinize online reviews. In fact, a recent consumer review survey found that 97 percent of consumers check online reviews before doing business with a company or service.

Making an informed decision when it comes to apartment hunting is even more important when considering how much money and time is involved.

So, it’s crucial that you keep a close eye on your apartment online reputation and continually work to address negative comments as well as encourage positive ones.

Review sites like Apartment Ratings, Yelp and provide reports that give a snapshot of how your apartment community is performing on those platforms, but it’s not the full picture.

Respage recently partnered with The REMM Group — specifically, Marketing Director Windell Mollenido — to determine the most important reputation-related data that apartment marketers and leasing professionals need. The result is our Regional Reputation Report, which is the first of its kind in the multifamily sector.

These aggregated reports collect data from numerous platforms and compile it into data summaries that can be sliced down any number of ways.

For example, you can see which properties are highest and lowest rated, how long it takes for the properties to respond to apartment reviews, and which properties get reviews on a regular basis and which ones don’t.

This at-a-glance reporting is especially helpful when it comes to multifamily companies that have larger portfolios.

Working with Respage has been a pleasure. They continue to develop new features such as their new Regional Reputation Report which has a dashboard displaying a 30,000 foot level look at the overall performance of each regional manager’s portfolio. The regional managers can compare each others’ reports, share social media strategies, and compete in contests.

— Windell Mollenido, Director of Marketing, The REMM Group

Contact Respage to learn more about how you can access your Regional Reputation Report.


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