6 Ways a Chatbot Can Help Improve Your Apartment Website’s User Experience (UX)


Chatbot, virtual assistant, conversational agent… The “correct” term for a bot depends on whom you ask. And while all of the above labels are perfectly suited to represent a bot and its capabilities, we suggest thinking of a bot as something else altogether: a “digital sherpa.” That is, a navigational assistant that can help a website’s visitors by creating a more direct route between the visitor and their desired destination, whether that’s the purchase of a new pair of shoes or a lease on a new apartment.

Here are just a few ways that chatbots help to improve the UX on your multifamily website.

  1. Chatbots are simple. Unlike lengthy videos, tons of flashy text, and excessive photos, chatbots don’t run the risk of taking away from the site’s readability or navigation. And once a chatbot is up and running, it’s likely to be less costly and time consuming to update than videos, photos, and other website media.
  2. Chatbots help retain site visitors. No matter how simple your navigation menu is or how prominent you display certain information, some users may need (and appreciate!) a bit more help getting from Point A to Point B. By acting as a fall-back option, chatbots help ensure that users find the information they’re looking for without abandoning the site in frustration. In fact, if the visitor prefers, they can bypass your site’s navigation menus altogether and rely solely on the chatbot to retrieve information.
  3. Chatbots help start a conversation. Should the visitor wish to speak to a human instead of the bot, they can request to do so. With the Respage Chatbot, for example, the visitor’s contact info is collected by the bot, making it easy for a member of your leasing team to continue the conversation later.
  4. Chatbots help you track prospective residents. Chatbots ask users for their names, email addresses, and phone numbers, which help you track potential renters organically and without any additional effort from your team.
  5. Chatbots lighten your team’s workload. Because chatbots can answer many simple questions about availability, floorplans, location, payment, pet policies, and other common queries, they free up valuable time for your team to do other important tasks.
  6. Chatbots look good. While they’re simple to use and quick to load, chatbots still give your website a tech-forward look and modern feel — which is a win-win for you.

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