The Senior Living PPC Cheat-Sheet

by | May 15, 2017

Senior Living PPC Cheatsheet

All great senior housing PPC strategies begin with a great senior housing keyword strategy. With this fact in mind, we put together a quick cheat sheet that identifies the top keywords in the industry.

You’ll notice we broke down our list into two separate categories. The first list is intended for assisted living marketing, while the second list is intended for senior living marketing. We’ve provided our reason for separating the lists at the bottom of this page.

Without further adieu, here are some terms and phrases you’ll want to add to your list of targeted keywords:

Top Keywords for Assisted Living PPC Campaigns

  • +nursing +home
  • +assisted +living
  • +retirement +community
  • +apartments for +seniors
  • +retirement +homes

Top Keywords for Senior Living PPC Campaigns

  • +CITY-NAME +STATE-ABBREVIATION +retirement +community
  • +CITY-NAME +senior +apartments
  • +CITY-NAME +retirement +community
  • +CITY-NAME +55 +plus +apartment
  • +CITY-NAME +STATE-ABBREVIATION+senior +apartments

Why We Separated Out Lists (And Why You Should, Too)

You may have noticed that there are some overlapping keywords on the lists above. You may have also noticed that all the keywords on the second list include location-based terms.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to include location-based terms for assisted living, we chose to omit them above because of the typical assisted-living search audience. As we’ve covered in a previous post, people who search for assisted living communities are often performing their search on behalf of a loved one, rather than for themselves. Additionally, these searchers like the assisted living facility to be nearby so that they can frequently visit their loved ones. And because Google automatically takes geolocation into account when delivering a PPC ad, you don’t necessarily need to include locations in these keywords.

The keywords on the second list target senior living related terms, and the people who conduct these searches are often performing their own research. Using inherent location based targeting, or specific location based filters, for these targets is not a great idea. This type of search is often performed by someone who wants to retire somewhere other than where he or she currently lives.

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