4 Tips to Optimize Your Senior Living PPC Strategy

by | Apr 17, 2017

senior living ppc strategy

Senior living marketing teams are facing a huge shift in who they’re targeting and what tactics they’re using. Baby Boomers love technology just as much as their kids, and they’re turning to search engines like Google to find their retirement homes.

With this in mind, we’ve put together the following four tips to optimize your senior living PPC strategy.

Expand Your Keyword Horizons

Make sure you don’t sell yourself short by focusing on your own terminology when picking keywords. Multifamily professionals know what “senior housing” means, but your prospects are probably searching for terms like “55+ community” or “active adult community.” Use Google’s keyword planner to get a feel for all the words or phrases you can use to your advantage.

Focus on Location

Appending geo-indicators to your campaigns can pay off big time. Senior Living and retirement tend to go hand in hand. And when people retire, they typically move to another city or state. Adding the location of your community to your ads help you target people who have their hearts set on retiring in a particular place, but haven’t decided exactly where they want to live.

Consider Your Audience

Most apartment related searches are personally conducted by the rental prospect. Senior Living related searches are an exception to this rule, as they’re often conducted by people looking after a loved one – and this is something you must consider. If your community has an assisted living element, you may want to create ads that speak to the children of the potential tenants and reassure them that their loved ones will be in good hands. Keep in mind that this strategy is specifically for assisted living, and is not the best approach for active adult communities.

Remain Committed

Your audience is searching for a forever-home, a place they’ll never want to leave. This is far from a light decision. People will weigh their options and take their time. And it’s for this reason you should direct some of your AdWords budget to remarketing ads. Delivering the occasional remarketing ad to someone who previously visited your site is a good way to send reminders and remain visible.    

More Tips

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