December 29, 2016

Why Social Media is Important for Multifamily


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Why Should I Socialize?

Improves communication within your industry, community, and with clients

  • Makes it easier to connect in real time with existing or potential clients
  • Lets you communicate with clients in their preferred channel, which is increasingly moving away from email
  • Allows for bi-directional communication which is becoming expected

Builds community engagement

  • Provides another way for existing and potential customers to connect with you
  • Makes it easy to share the latest tips and news from your industry
  • Allows you to show your value to potential clients before they hire you

Helps drive SEO/increases marketing website traffic

  • Helps displace ratings sites and other listings you may not have control over in first page rankings
  • Integrating social media assets into your marketing website can improve its SEO
  • Links from social media sites provide traffic and SEO lift
  • Social sites give you an appropriate venue to exchange web links with outreach partners

Helps generate leads and close prospects

  • Used correctly, you can generate some leads
  • Provides another way to “sell” your company and help prospects close

Ancillary revenue potential

  • Your company can sell banner ads or web links to cooperating local merchants, highlighting them as a “preferred” provider of their services

Best Practices

Encouraging clients to connect on Facebook. Posts we have seen on other sites:

  • Testimonials & reviews
  • Industry related news & tips
  • Promotion of charitable causes your company participates in
  • Special event notices

Using social media to generate leads

  • Infrequent promotion of really good specials and incentives
  • Reminder about referral programs and incentives


  • Make sure you optimize social media sites for SEO (e.g. set appropriate YouTube tags)
  • Link from social sites into community pages
  • Integrate blog headlines into community pages
  • Link your website to your blog and social media pages
  • Include links to your blog and social media pages in your email signature

Encourage consumer interaction

  • Post photos from projects & events
  • Ask open ended questions in Facebook (e.g. What is your favorite pizzeria?)
  • When considering what charity to donate to, give choices & allow consumers to vote on Facebook & Twitter for the charity of their favorite
  • Poll consumers for their opinion about potential changes you might make, their opinion on industry-related topics (especially common misconceptions), what effects their decision in who they use for your product or service
  • Have photo contests

Improve communication/customer service

  • Alert consumers about routine maintenance for your product/service
  • Notify consumers of days that you will be closed due to inclement weather, maintenance, or holidays
  • Encourage feedback and reviews

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