11 Hilarious Apartment-Related Search Terms We Found in 2016


Each year, our dedicated team of Google-certified specialists analyze thousands of apartment related keywords for our clients’ multifamily PPC campaigns. The goal of this research is to identify which words and phrases rental prospects use when searching for apartments on Google. And while the industry leading Click Through Rates (Client campaigns have an average CTR over 5.89%.) that result from this research are nothing to scoff at, the research also unveils some apartment-related search phrases that are downright laughable.

Here’s a look at the top 11 funniest apartment related search phrases of 2016:

11: The search from a galaxy far, far away…

10: The search that doesn’t stress the details…

9: The search that shows commitment and brand loyalty…

8: The search that prays to the Google gods…(TIE: Part one)

7: The search that prays to the Google gods…(TIE: Part two)

6: The search that hurt Google’s feelings…


5: The search that’s being way too greedy…


4: The search that’s borderline creepy…(TIE: Part one)

3: The search that’s borderline creepy…(TIE: Part two)

2: The search that knows all your bros…

1: The search from Scoobie Doo

BONUS: The search that doesn’t have to be…

This last query is particularly funny because it shows that some renters are still having trouble finding apartments online in 2016. And that means a big opportunity exists for apartment marketers who invest in services that reach the right prospects at the right time.

So while we may be at a loss for words in regards to the rest of the search queries, we can definitively answer that last one as follows: Because there are still some apartment marketers out there who haven’t switched to our fully-managed line of PPC, Social Media, and Reputation Management services.


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