Tracking Your Apartment PPC Ads’ Call Conversions Just Got a Lot Easier!


Apartment PPC gets easier

Apartment PPC gets easier

Measuring call conversions from your apartment PPC ads can be tricky. But thanks to a recent AdWords update, it no longer has to be.

On Wednesday, Google announced its new imported call conversions feature to help advertisers better gauge the success of their campaigns. As the name suggests, the feature allows advertisers to import their call conversion data into AdWords so that they may attribute certain clicks to certain conversions.

While advertisers could track call conversions prior to this update, the old attribution model was somewhat flawed because advertisers could only track conversions based on call length. For example, an apartment marketer may have identified that calls resulting in walk-through scheduling typically take about three minutes. That apartment marketer would then count every three minute or longer call as a conversion.

But this method obviously leaves a lot of room for error.

What happens when walk-through call is over and done with in less than three minutes? What about when a call that’s longer than three minutes results in a lease signing? All in all, there are a number of different scenarios that could play out in that time period.

The imported call conversions feature solves these issues by matching each call with each result.

Even better? You don’t need a ton of call data to use it.

How to Use Imported Call Conversions With Your Apartment PPC Campaign

In order to start using the imported call conversions feature for your apartment PPC campaign, all you need is the caller phone number, the call start time, and the call length. Conversions will be attributed down to the keyword level so that you can figure out which parts of your campaign drive the most value. You can then use that information to allocate your ad spend and build stronger, more effective campaigns.


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