Reviews Can Now Be Managed via the Respage Dashboard

by | Apr 12, 2016


Reviews posted to, the largest Internet Listing Service in the country, can now be monitored and managed via the Respage Dashboard. Launched in February, the new partnership makes it easier for property management firms to control the online reputations of their apartment communities.

Respage’s proprietary dashboard currently allows its users to monitor their online reputations across a number of popular social networks and websites, including Facebook, Yelp, and several other sites that are solely dedicated to the multifamily industry. The addition of to this list makes it even more convenient for Respage users to handle ORM tasks, saving them the hassle of switching between multiple dashboards in order to read and respond to reviews. isn’t just a listing service. Renters use the site to communicate with other renters and share their experiences. By integrating our dashboard with, we’re providing property managers with a quick and easy way to get involved in these conversations.

The dashboard regularly monitors review activity across all connected sites and alerts property managers whenever a renter posts a new review. Property managers can then respond to these reviews as they see fit, or have a Respage public relations specialist create a custom response on their behalf.

Some studies estimate that 92 percent of renters read online reviews before signing a lease. It is also estimated that only 13 percent of renters will consider a property that has a one or two star review. With such daunting numbers, paying attention to online reviews is critical.

Thousands of renters use to rate and review communities each month. We want to make sure that property managers and landlords have tools that make it easy and affordable to address any compliment or concern. It’s all part of our promise to help clients spend less time worrying about social media and reviews, and more time running their communities.

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