Can Apartment Communities Drive More Leads With Remarketing Ads?


Apartment marketing in the digital age involves a ton of moving parts. You have Search Engine Optimization. You have Pay Per Click advertising. You have social media. The list goes on…

But of all these different strategies for marketing apartments online, few are understood as little as remarketing ads. That’s why we built this quick guide to remarketing ads for apartment communities. Check out the paragraphs below to discover what remarketing ads are, why they’re useful, and how they can help you drive new leads to your apartment community.

What Are Remarketing Ads?

In a nutshell, remarketing ads target users who have visited your website in the past. These ads are most commonly seen in image-based form on third party websites that advertise through Google’s Display Network. However, image-based ads are not the only form of remarketing ads. List remarketing ads can be seen in Google Search after users conduct a search related to your industry, while video remarketing ads can be seen during YouTube videos. There are even mobile-friendly remarketing ads, if you want to get really fancy.

Why Should Apartment Communities Use Remarketing Ads?

Individuals who plan on renting in a certain city or neighborhood tend to do quite a bit of research prior to signing a one year lease. During this research phase, they may visit more than one hundred apartment community websites. And if a rent prospect stumbled across your website early on in his or her research, he or she may forget about your listing after browsing ninety other sites.

Remarketing ads effectively remind prospective renters that your property exists. And if you wield the full power of Google’s remarketing tools, you can even customize your ads so that they entice users with precisely what they are looking for in a new apartment. For instance, to target users who are interested in pet-friendly studio apartments, you can create a customized ad that specifically mentions those amenities. You can then schedule to have that ad remarketed to anyone who previously visited your pet-friendly studio apartment page.

Are Remarketing Campaigns Successful?

The greatest thing about remarketing ads is that they only target people who have previously expressed an interest in your community. The second greatest thing about remarketing ads is that they run on a Cost Per Click (CPC) model, so you only pay for ads that actually drive leads to your community. Because of these two factors, it’s fairly safe to say that remarketing campaigns are highly successful.

How Much Work Goes Into a Remarketing Campaign?

Like all things related to apartment marketing, the success of your campaign – and ultimately the return on your investment – largely depends on how much time you can devote to creating, managing, and refining your strategies. So while you can certainly go out and create a remarketing campaign tomorrow, it’s likely you won’t see favorable results unless you have the skillsets that are required – and the time that’s needed – to optimize your campaign.

Fortunately for those short on qualified personnel or time, Respage includes display remarketing as part of our PPC Management Services. And if you need some assistance, we’re always here to help.


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