Having Trouble Verifying Your Facebook Page? Here’s a Quick How-To Guide!

by | Nov 4, 2015

“How do I verify my Facebook page?”

It’s a question we’ve been hearing ever since Facebook announced the newest verification process last month. And since we’ve previously explained how apartment communities can verify their Google listing, it’s only fair that we do a follow up for Facebook. Here’s a look at two different ways to validate your account.

Verifying Your Apartment’s Facebook Page

Facebook page verification

Verifying your apartment community’s Facebook page is as simple as logging into your account, clicking on the settings tab, and selecting the Page Verification option. From there, you’re presented with two options to prove that the page is your own.

The first option requires you to enter your community’s publicly listed phone number. After you’ve entered your number, you will receive a call that provides you with a four digit code. Once you have the code, all you have to do is enter the code into the authentication field and hit continue. Keep in mind that this method only works if you use your community’s publicly listed number. That number must also be a direct line to your front desk, rather than an automated system.

Facebook Phone Number Verification

If your publicly listed number uses an automated system, or you’re otherwise unable to verify by phone, you can opt to verify your listing using a document. Simply take a picture of an official document that contains your apartment community’s name and address, click Verify this Page with documents instead, and upload the image when prompted. Note that the community name and address in the image must match the community name and address you have listed on the Facebook page. Because this process needs to be authenticated by a Facebook employee, it may take a few days before you receive an email notifying you of the verification.

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