Multifamily Marketers: Here’s a Quick Look at Why You Need to Add PPC to Your Marketing Budget in 2016

by | Oct 12, 2015

Budgeting season has arrived. And in 2016, the competition will be intense.

To ensure that our clients remain ahead of the game when it comes to securing leads and lowering vacancy rates, we are presenting you with the following three facts about PPC ads and explaining why they are absolutely critical for success in the coming year.

#1: PPC Ads Work

Critics of marketing have historically classified the industry as a pseudo-science that fails to deliver the results it promises. And while there may be some truth to this statement in regards to traditional advertising formats like radio and print, it holds no water in the realm of digital marketing, where every step in the purchasing process is meticulously tracked, from initial discovery to final acquisition.

Still, when it comes to online marketing, there is some debate about which method works best.

Proponents of social media, for example, cite the fact that today’s consumers spend a considerable amount of their daily lives scrolling through posts and tweets. For this reason, they make the claim that advertising on social networks is the best way to reach the consumer.

Advocates of Search Engine Marketing, on the other hand, would admit that social media is a great asset for raising brand awareness, but counter that it is mostly used as an entertainment platform and that social users aren’t actively looking to purchase a given product or service. This is in stark contrast to consumers who are conducting a Google search, because searching for any given product or service suggests an interest in purchasing said product or service. In fact, some studies have found that roughly 80 percent of searches end in a purchase.

#2: PPC Ads Are Painless (If You Choose the Right Partners)

Nobody has the time to run a business and an ad campaign, so it makes sense that most apartment marketing strategies rely upon automated or fully-managed advertising solutions. For a long time, Internet Listing Services were the only game in town when it came to this hassle-free form of digital marketing. But the tides have changed, and many communities are beginning to realize that PPC ads have enormous advantages over Internet Listing Services.

And with the right partners, they’re just as easy to use.

Take our own PPC services, for example. To start a PPC campaign with Respage, all you need to do is fill out a form that provides us with your community’s website, phone number, and physical address. After that, all that we require is a five minute call with your IT team so that we can add some very basic tracking codes to your site. Once this initial setup is complete, we’ll do all of the messy work regarding keyword research and bid amounts, while simultaneously providing you with 24/7 access to reporting tools so that you can monitor campaign progress at any time of day.

Which brings us to the next point…

#3: PPC Ads Are Transparent

In a realm where everything users do can be tracked, any marketing service that doesn’t provide you with statistics about user behavior, and the progress of your campaign, is a complete waste of time. Transparency is critical when determining whether or not your advertising efforts are working. And if your current digital marketing methods fail to provide you with information about how many users saw your ad, or how many leads were generated from that ad, you should consider swapping that method for PPC, which can track every view, click, and lead.

Will PPC Ads Fit in Your 2016 Marketing Budget?

In conclusion, if you want to start off 2016 with a transparent, fully-managed marketing solution that actually works, then PPC advertising is your best option. And if you’re itching to start your PPC campaign today, but don’t know if your budget will allow it, you can rest assured that our plans are just as cheap as other marketing alternatives. Check out our PPC services page to see all three of our affordable options.