The 4 Best Times for Apartment Communities to Ask for an Online Review

by | Jul 21, 2015

"Yelp San Antonio Luau" by Nan Palmero - CC BY 2.0It’s a fact that nearly 90 percent of potential tenants read online reviews before they even consider renting their next apartment. And considering how rapidly that percentage has climbed over the past few years, it’s only a matter of time before the number reaches 100 percent.

With that in mind, we’ve developed several tools to help apartment management companies deal with their online reviews. Some of these tools, like our Review Response offering, are retroactive in nature. Others, like our automated Review Request Email Forms, take a proactive approach.

Although we’re proud of our client’s success with Review Response, there’s no denying that proactive approaches to online reviews are a far better alternative to retroactive approaches. That’s why we’ve assembled the following tips regarding the four most opportune times to ask a tenant for an online review.

Opportunity #1: During the Leasing Process

It may seem strange to ask an individual for a review before he or she has actually settled into your community, but it can be a great opening if you play your cards right. To optimize your chances for a stellar review, and to start your relationship with a future tenant on the right foot, try catering to that tenant’s needs as much as possible during the lease signing. Remember that the moving process requires a lot of hard work, and that he or she is likely under a ton of stress. By making the lease signing an enjoyable experience and answering any questions the lessee may have, you set yourself up for a positive review right off the bat.

Opportunity #2: During a Lease Renewal

Lease renewals also make for a great time to ask for a review. After all, residents likely have a favorable view of your community if they decide to live there for more than a year. To make the most of the opportunity, be sure to ask your tenant why he or she chose to renew their lease prior to asking them for an online review. This will give the client some time to think about all the reasons they love your community. And with a little luck, all of these reasons will work their way into their online review.

Opportunity #3: After Completing a Maintenance Request

Nobody likes dealing with a broken refrigerator or a clogged drain. So whenever you complete a tenant’s maintenance request, consider asking that tenant for an online review as a token of appreciation. Keep in mind, however, that the speed at which you complete the request is extremely important in such situations, and that reviews can backfire if it takes your maintenance team an unreasonable amount of time to acknowledge and fix a problem. To increase your chances of positive remarks, try to go above and beyond your tenant’s expectations when it comes to apartment maintenance.

Opportunity #4: After Answering Questions

New residents will likely have a ton of questions about your apartment community. And those residents who are new to the area in general will likely have even more questions about the region itself. By answering these questions politely and enthusiastically, you showcase your knowledge of the community as well as your commitment to your renters. These are both favorable qualities, and worthy of a little respect in the form of a review.

How to Make a Review Request Memorable

While all of the occasions above make for great opportunities, chances are high that your renters won’t drop everything they’re doing at any particular moment and immediately write a review. That’s why we developed the Review Request Email Form feature for the Respage Dashboard. This automated form makes it easy for you to send emails to your renters that remind them about posting reviews, maximizing the likelihood that they’ll publish something favorable on your behalf.

Read more about our Review Request Email Forms here, or contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to discover other ways that Respage is revolutionizing the multifamily marketing industry with amazing new tools for managing your community’s reputation.