3 Tips To Help Your Apartment Marketing Strategy Generate More Leads

by | Feb 2, 2015

The verdict is in on Content Marketing, and things look good for nearly every business that embraces the trend. Go to any advertising conference in the country and we guarantee you a majority of the topics will revolve around content marketing strategies, and for good reason: Companies that publish 15 or more blog posts each month receive 5X more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all. The statistics are even more impressive in terms of lead generation, with companies that post just one or two times each month generating 70 percent more leads than their peers.

The following tips provide a few ideas to make your content marketing strategy stand out among the rest.

TIP #1: Keep Your Content Marketing Strategies Subtle

The success of content marketing can largely be attributed to its subtle nature. People don’t want to feel like they’re being pushed into buying a product or service. And millennials, a generation which has been exposed to more media messaging than any previous group, are particularly immune to the “charms” of a hard sell.

Content marketing works because it offers something of value without asking for anything in return. Although this may not bring an immediate financial ROI, it does create brand loyalty, which in some ways is more valuable than a sale. As an added bonus, people tend to spread awareness about content they find valuable, which means a quality content marketing campaign can literally advertise itself for no additional cost.

TIP #2: Embrace The Local Movement

As search engines continue to emphasize geographic and semantic relevancy, localized content strategies will continue to grow in popularity. Businesses that sell physical experiences – such as restaurants, entertainment venues, and medical centers – will have the most to gain from a localized approach. Realtors and apartment complexes also belong to this category, which is why our apartment content marketing services have such a localized focus.

Every localized strategy will differ according to industry, but social media is a great accompaniment to this technique no matter what services or products you offer. Many people on social sites tend to have friends that live in the same town or general region, and posts and tweets about a local business can carry a lot of relevancy on these channels. So while you should always post original content to your blog for traffic and tracking purposes, never forget to share these posts via social outlets.

TIP #3: Use Data to Personalize Your Efforts

Although a hyper-localized approach is a great start, marketers who want to really improve their engagement may want to consider personalized content. The amount of data available through platforms like Google Analytics makes it incredibly easy to not only identify the different demographics of your consumer base, but also how page to page interactions change with those demographics. While certainly not for the faint of heart, creating separate content funnels for these different audiences will result in a more customized and engaging experience. And that type of thing can have amazing results for your conversion rates.

BONUS! TIP #4: Not All Content Is Written

One common misconception about content marketing is that it must be text-based. While it’s true that there is SEO value in the written word, images, videos and other forms of rich media have a ton of value as well. Use the power of analytic and data services to discover what works best for your brand, and integrate that content format into your blog frequently.