Optimize Your Apartment Remarketing Strategy with These 3 Easy Tips


Remarketing campaigns allow you to show ads to people who have visited your site in the past. These campaigns are great for apartment marketing because potential tenants will compare communities before making a leasing decision. So if a user visits your site one day, but decides not to make a decision until he or she has shopped around for a week or two, remarketing campaigns serve to remind that user about your brand as he or she visits other sites across the web.

While remarketing campaigns already have a high success rate, there are several things that apartment marketing specialists can do to optimize their ROI when running a campaign through Google Adwords. Provided below are three tips to follow when trying to make the most out of your remarketing strategy.

Stick with Image Ads

Image ads are simply the best remarketing tool on the web. Although we can’t discount the value of text ads, there’s no denying that images attract more attention than text. In fact, it takes your brain just 13 milliseconds to process an image, according to a study conducted by MIT, which is 60,000 times faster than the time it takes to process text.

On that note, not all image ads are created equal. Getting the most from your ads will require strong copywriting skills and a keen eye for design. Users will only look at your ad for a fraction of a second, so you have to make it count.

Google offers plenty of templates on the Adwords support page for those who want to design remarketing displays on their own. However, it should be noted that these templates lack a certain flair out-of-the-box. That’s why we recommend checking out Respage’s display ad design option, which is the part of our apartment marketing PPC and SEM service that removes the guess-work from ad creation.

Don’t Sell Too Hard

Nobody likes being bombarded with ads. If you overwhelm your leads with remarketing displays, they’ll likely go to a competitor.

On the other hand, doing too little can also present problems. So the trick is finding a happy medium where you can remind users about your brand without jamming the message down their throats.

In your Adwords settings, go to the “Advanced Settings” and click the edit button next to “Frequency Capping.” Under this setting, you can choose how often a user will see your ad over a given period of time. If your budget allows, it may be best to set this number to five times per day, though some sources recommend starting at 10 times per day. No matter where you decide to begin, we suggest you tweak that number after monitoring performance.

Never Stop Refining

Set it and forget it ad tactics do not work online, and this is especially the case for apartment marketing strategies. Unless you want to spend money on display ads for users who have already signed their leases, you’ll need to audit your campaigns regularly.

Make sure your designers, copywriters, and data analysts meet at least once a week to brainstorm new ideas and develop new remarketing campaigns. Although the process of refining one particular ad over and over can be tedious, the payout of a high-performing display ad is well worth the effort.


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