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Want to streamline your Facebook News Feed?

The social network recently announced some new features intended to give users a bit more control over the platform’s most popular feature. Facebook’s News Feed gathers updates from people you’ve friended and Pages you’ve followed, arranged by Facebook’s algorithms. Last Friday, CNN reported that Facebook had begun rolling out some new News Feed features to make it easier for users to ignore certain updates and to unfollow people and Pages.

According to a post on Facebook’s newsroom blog, the new features aim to offer “more ways for you to control and give feedback on your News Feed.” For example, News Feed settings now display a list of the top friends, Pages, and Groups you’ve seen in your Feed for the past week, and make it easy to unfollow users whose updates you no longer wish to see. (An “Unfollowed” list lets you re-follow them if you change your mind.) Another new feature is meant to help make your News Feed more relevant by giving you the option to see fewer updates from a person or Page when you hide a particular story.

The new controls are already available on Facebook’s desktop site, and they’re rolling out to mobile versions over the next few weeks. Click here to find out more about Facebook’s new News Feed controls.


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